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1. I registered but did not receive my registration email. Now what do I do?
2. When Do I Need a Permit?
3. What are the requirements of the Homeowner?
4. If I hire a contractor, who is responsible for obtaining the permit?
5. What Determines the Cost of a Permit?
6. How do I request an inspection on my permitted work?
7. My contractor is not showing up when I am adding my contacts, or the contractor has more than one address?
8. I am a trade contractor listed on several building permits. Can I use the portal to check inspection results even if my builder does not use the portal?
9. Is there a Phone App for the CityView Portal?
10. Can there be more than one person linked as the contractor under one license number?
11. What is the turnaround time for trade permits submitted on the portal?
12. I have an inspection today, what time will the inspector be at my house?
13. Can I pull a trade permit before submitting a building permit application for on a project that requires a building permit?