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Membership Pause Form - Aquatic Center Renovation

  1. Membership Pause Form Agreement

    I wish to pause my Summit on the Park Membership due to the Aquatic Center Renovation Project, and agree to the following terms and conditions by initialing and signing below:

    1.    I am initialing and signing below as the account holder on the membership package.

    2.    I understand this membership pause is in place until reopening of the Aquatic Center.

    3.    I understand that this membership pause can be undone at any time, but once un-paused will remain active for a minimum of 30 days until I will be able to pause my membership again.

    4.    I understand that when my membership is resumed, my new expiration date will be determined by how much time I had left on my membership at the time of the pause. (i.e if I had 2 months remaining on my membership when I paused it, when it resumes, I will have 2 months to use)

    I understand my membership will be reactivated upon the opening date of the Aquatic Center, which will be no later than January 2, 2024  

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    I understand that by initialing and signing this form, I agree to the terms outlined above. 

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