What is a C.I.T.?
C.I.T. (Counselor in Training) is a program that was designed for those campers who have exceeded the age limit to be a camper, but may not be old enough to stay at home by themselves all day. The C.I.T. program offers important pre-employment and character building experience to eligible youth. To be eligible for the C.I.T. program, campers must be 11 years old by the start of camp. Informational packets go out after the New Year for campers who are eligible. These campers complete a written application and an interview with the Camp Director and Head Counselor. A special training is held for C.I.T.’s to help prepare them for their new responsibilities.

Unfortunately we are not able to have all who are eligible attend Camp Canton as a C.I.T. due to the program’s rising popularity!

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1. How will Camp Canton staff communicate with me?
2. What if my child is going to be late or is not attending Camp Canton for the day?
3. What should I do if I am picking my child up from Camp Canton early?
4. What do I do if a person other than myself needs to pick up my child from Camp Canton?
5. What if my child is sick?
6. How do you split up the campers? Will my child be separated from his/her sibling?
7. What if I need to get a hold of my camper on field trip day?
8. How will the campers be transported to field trips?
9. Will my child be watching movies?
10. What if my child needs to eat a snack?
11. What if I pick up my child after 6:00 pm?
12. Will my child need money for the field trip?
13. Where does my child put his/her belongings during camp?
14. How many Camp Canton shirts does my child receive?
15. I am interested in enrolling my child but camp is full and I was placed on the wait list. Now what?
16. If my child leaves something at camp, where could it be found?
17. What is a C.I.T.?
18. Are parents allowed to join Camp Canton on field trips?
19. I need a receipt of child care and a tax identification number for my taxes/work flex account. Where do I get this information?
20. I would like a refund for camp. How do I get one?
21. If my child misbehaves, what sorts of discipline policies are in place?
22. What feedback mechanisms are in place?
23. I registered for Camp Canton but my schedule has changed, how do I get a refund?
24. What should my camper bring to Camp Canton with him/her? What should leave at home?