How should detention basins be inspected?
  • Obtain a copy of your detention pond plan from Canton’s Public Works Division to determine what type of detention basin is in your development.
  • Inspect inlet and outlet pipes. Keeping these pipes clear of debris and sediment will help ensure proper pond function.
  • Inspect for litter and debris: Twice each year (spring and fall) and after major storms, check for debris in the pond, on the banks, and around inlets/outlets.
  • Examine side slopes for erosion: Twice each year and after a major storm, check for gullies or sloughing of the banks and other disturbances from animals or vehicles. If erosion is occurring, contact Canton Public Works for repair recommendations.
  • Inspect vegetation: In the spring and fall, inspect the vegetation on the banks and in the basin. Living vegetation greatly improves the water quality by filtering out pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides, oils and grease from the stormwater. Late fall is a good time to cut down cattails. Cut cattails should be disposed of with other compost materials. Repair bare spots along banks with grass seed, native plant seed or wildflowers.
  • Mowing: The amount of mowing required depends on the type of detention basin and the desired appearance. Typically, basins with turf grass only need to be mowed 2 or 3 times a year. Basins with native grasses and wildflower plantings should be mowed only once a year in the late fall or early spring.
  • Maintain pump stations (if present): If your pond has a pump station, only a licensed electrician or company that provided the pump system should conduct any maintenance work.
  • Keep records of all inspections including the date, name of inspector, what was observed, and maintenance activities performed. Good records will help you make adjustments to the maintenance program as needed.

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