Protect Your Valuables

Police advise motorists to lock their vehicles when parked

Larceny (theft) from vehicles continues to be a popular crime in Canton. In the majority of these crimes reported, forced entry was not used to gain entry into the vehicles. Valuable items such as purses, laptops, tools, electronic devices, and sporting equipment are being stolen from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways, on subdivision streets and in parking lots throughout Canton. The majority of thefts reported with forced entry used usually involved a valuable item that had been left in plain view. "Unfortunately there are criminal opportunists out there who will take advantage of a car door left unlocked, or valuables left in plain view of a locked vehicle," said Community Relations Officer Patty Esselink. "We can't prevent the opportunists from window-shopping in our vehicles, but we can limit the items that are available to them by removing valuables and/or locking vehicles," she adds.

Individuals observing suspicious activity or persons around parked vehicles are asked to contact the Canton Police Department.