Group Sales

Group Sales

Group ticket sales are available for many of the performances at the Village Theater. Parties of 15 or more, for any single performance, may purchase reduced rate group tickets for a variety of events including concerts, theater productions, and comedy shows. See the Performances and Events Search Engine for applicable shows. Group tickets may be purchased through the Summit or Village Theater box offices. Group rates for some performances are available online.

Field Trips

Interactive theater tours are a two and a half hour theater encounter with fun, educational activities in technical theater, dance, drama and visual arts. The tour includes a backstage tour, gallery walk, sound and lighting demonstrations, and a grand finale with dance and drama starring participants! Flexible dates and times are available to accommodate school and bus schedules.

A tour can be adapted to any type of educational requirement but most include: 

Prologue and Overture (20 minutes)

All students start in the 400-seat theater for a welcome, introductions, overview, and video presentation

Main Production (70 minutes) 

Following the opening presentation, the students will be broken into 4 groups and rotate through 4 different stations for 15 minutes each:

Technical Theater Session
Backstage tour of scene shop, green room, wardrobe, dressing and makeup rooms

On-stage tour with explanation and demonstration of counterweight fly system, performance decks, walk outs, trap doors and orchestra pit

Sound and lighting: catwalks, special effects, light and sound control booth and spotlights

Visual Art Appreciation
Gallery walk and talk in vestibule (9'X90' mural) and lobby gallery (approximately 40 pieces) 

Movement and Choreography Seminar
Experience the fun of learning choreography and then performing it in the Grand Finale

Acting Workshop
Our professional staff will lead students through improv games and other exercises to help students better understand the job of the actor.   

This activity is $5 per student for groups of up to 200 students ($400 minimum and all ages are welcome). To schedule your trip, or for more information, email our staff or call 734/394-5300.