Arts & Heritage

Honoring & Preserving Our Rich History

Canton has a rich history that we are committed to preserving and are privileged to honor. In Canton, we look to where we came from to help shape the community we know today, and to guide our growing community into the future. Leisure Services is proud to partner with the Canton Historical Society, as we continue to incorporate their commitment to preserve our heritage together through our programs and services. The Historical Society are the stewards of many favorite locations in the community. 

The Canton Center School Museum is located at 1022 N Canton Center Road and changes exhibits profiling Canton’s history each year. The museum is open to the public mid-April through October on Tuesdays from 1-4 pm, Thursdays from 1-4 pm, and Saturdays from 11 am - 4 pm. 

The Pole Barn Museum at Preservation Park in Cherry Hill Village is open to the public on Farmer’s Market Sundays from 9 am- 1pm. 

While we make every attempt to maintain our open hours schedule, we occasionally need to close. Please call ahead at 734-391-9352 or email us at  if your visit is planned to confirm our open times. 

Other locations include the Bartlett-Travis House and Cherry Hill School. All sites are available for private tours by appointment.

For more information or to join the Canton Historical Society please visit their website or call 734/391-9352.

Embracing Our Multicultural Community Councils and Sub-Committees

Art Exhibition Committee

This group is responsible for identifying public art exhibitions from local, regional and national artists and making recommendations on scheduling the exhibits. They have developed a calendar for exhibitions through 2006 selecting artists, establishing guidelines for exhibitions and will make recommendations for future exhibits at The Village Theater.

Artists Advisory Council is comprised of representatives of the Village Theater resident art groups and visual and performing arts, this council provides input to the Commission on creating an environment that is supportive of artists and arts organizations. The council makes recommendations for programs, practices and ideas that will promote the arts in Canton. This committee has used their time together to form partnerships that will enhance arts in the community and cross marketing. They have worked diligently to build the Village Theater calendar through 2008.

Asian Pacific Program

Canton offers a program for our new Americans that provides English classes and social get-togethers. The Asian Pacific program is sponsored by the Association of Chinese Americans. Please contact the Senior Adult Program at 734/394-5485 for more information.

MLK Day Sub-Committee

MLK Observance events ran from January through the month of February. The January show included a photo exhibit, speech, chorus presentation, and a Rosa Parks video. The photo exhibit held public viewings throughout February and was visited by over 8,000 people. Over 900 students from various schools participated in their school field trips to view the photo exhibit and enjoy the diversity activities.

Multicultural Committee

This newly established committee's vision is "Building relationships with our neighbors through the arts." A future production / event is being planned at The Village Theater to bring together all the theater art organizations to produce a multicultural show.

Partnership for the Arts & Humanities

The Partnership for the Arts and Humanities is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) cultural arts organization, which provides support to local artists, arts organizations and cultural activities through a grant making process. Additionally, the Partnership helped fund the construction of the Village Theater and will continue its fundraising efforts to support not only programming, but an endowment.

By contributing to the partnership, you are supporting its mission to ensure high quality cultural arts that are accessible to and sustained by the greater Canton community.

For more information, please visit the Village Arts Factory website or to make a donation, please email Director of Development or call 734/765-7061.

Quilters at Cherry Hill

Join a group of fun quilters in Canton. You can piece and quilt by hand or machine - the fun is being together and sharing skills. The "Quilters at Cherry Hill" is a casual group of all skill levels that meets weekly on Wednesdays from 9 am - 2 pm at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill. Arrive and leave at your convenience and come as often as fits into your schedule. Coffee / tea is provided, you bring a sack lunch. Non-quilting needle artists are invited to sit and stitch.

Diane Cuper is the volunteer organizer and can be reached at 734/340-4807 to answer questions. Be sure to call Diane before your first visit! The Quilters at Cherry Hill meet all year long. No online registration. Ages: 16 years and up. Fee: $20.