Ordinance Enforcement Unit

Responsibilities of the Ordinance Enforcement Unit

The Ordinance Enforcement Unit consists of four Ordinance Officers with the primary responsibility of enforcing property standards ordinances in the community. Property Standard Ordinances include, but are not limited to:

  • Deteriorated structures
  • Feeding of wildlife creating a nuisance
  • Improper care of domestic animals
  • Inoperable/unlicensed vehicles
  • Blight/junk/debris on property
  • Outdoor storage
  • Dumpster maintenance
  • Off-street parking locations
  • Operating a business out of a residence
  • Grass height or noxious weeds
  • Trees/shrubs encroaching on sidewalk
  • Snow removal on sidewalk
  • Signs posted in the road right-of-way (area between sidewalk and street)

Reporting an Ordinance Violation

  • To report a violation call 734/394-5400, (at the auto attendant press 2 and then 1 for dispatch)
  • To speak with an Ordinance Officer regarding an active complaint call 734/394-5335.

What to expect from the Ordinance Enforcement Unit

When a complaint is received in Public Safety's dispatch center during normal business hours, an ordinance officer will be dispatched to the location. The officer will investigate the complaint and determine if there is an ordinance violation. If there is not a violation, the complaint is closed. If a violation is observed, ordinance officers will attempt to make contact with the homeowner, business owner or person responsible, to discuss the situation. Ordinance Officers strive for cooperative compliance, but have enforcement options of issuing a Notice of Violation up to issuing a Misdemeanor Citation requiring a court appearance before a 35th District Court judge with a maximum of $500 fine and/or 90 days in jail.