Clerk's Office

The Township Clerk plays a critical role in the operation and administration of the government. Michigan law requires the Clerk to carry out three major responsibilities involving record-keeping, financial operations, and elections. The Clerk is a member of the Board of Trustees, voting on questions of budget, personnel appointments, zoning, and other matters. The Clerk acts as Secretary to the Township Board, posting legal notices and subscribing the minutes. 

The Clerk chairs the Board of Election Commissioners and acts as Secretary to the Board of Ethics. In addition to the statutory duties described above, the Clerk also issues licenses. The Deputy Clerk acts as FOIA Coordinator, as the Board of Trustees reviews all Freedom of Information Act appeals. 

The Clerk’s Office Connects People to Their Government

Provide meaningful service and evolve to meet the changing needs of our community

Open interaction in a welcoming manner so everyone feels respected

Cooperatively leverage our individual differences to achieve a common goal

The Clerk's Office is committed to maintaining the integrity of government in Canton Township and ensuring an informed citizenry by providing transparent access to township government through open and accessible meetings and accurate recording of township board proceedings; by protecting and preserving public documents and records; through the conduct of fair and democratic elections; and by providing excellent service to the public. 

Passport Service

The Clerk’s Office offers first-time passport services. For more information, please visit our Passport page.

Notary Service
Notary services are available at no cost. Multiple page documents - please call the Clerk's Office for an appointment.


For ordinance complaints: 734/394-5400
For ordinance questions: 734/394-5335


The Clerk’s Office offers various licenses. For more information, please visit our Licensing page.