Tax Board of Review

Board Overview

The Tax Board of Review is required by Michigan State Law. The Board is necessary to examine the assessment roll for the year, and also to consider appeals from residents related to Principal Residence Exemptions, Qualified Agricultural Exemptions, Taxable Value uncapping, the Qualified Start-up Business Exemption, the Disabled Veteran’s Exemption and Poverty Exemptions. Members are appointed by the Township Supervisor with approval from the Board of Trustees. Six people are appointed to be split into two, three-person boards, giving residents a variety of appointment times to choose from if they have an appeal. There is also an alternate appointed to step in should a Board of Review member be unable to fulfill their duties on the designated dates. The Board meets in March and December.

Members                                                                                            Term Expiration

Asim Mohammed                                                                              3/1/2024
Joseph Opara                                                                                     3/1/2024
Irfan Jafry                                                                                            3/1/2023
Elizabeth Manwell                                                                             3/1/2023
Paris Phou                                                                                          3/1/2023
Ethan Petzold                                                                                     3/1/2023
Paul Talwar                                                                                         3/1/2023