Board of Election Commissioners

The Township election commission is in charge of all Township elections. The Clerk and two Trustees appointed by the Township Board serve on the commission (MCL 42.4). The Clerk is the chairperson and calls the meetings as often as necessary. As with all other commission or board meetings, Election Commission meetings are subject to the Open Meetings and Freedom of Information Acts. 


  • Clerk, Michael Siegrist
  • Trustee, Kate Borninski
  • Trustee, Tania Ganguly

Election Commission dropbox


Chapter 1 of the Election Officials' Manual published by the Michigan Bureau of Elections summarizes the activities and duties required of the election commission by Michigan Election Law. Some of the duties regularly handled at the meetings include: 

  • Establishing boundaries and determining the size of precincts. (MCL 168.658)
  • Assessing the township's voting equipment needs (MCL 168.670)
  • Conducting preliminary and public accuracy tests of voting machines (MCL 168.798)
  • Printing and proofing ballots and election supplies for local elections (MCL 168.670)
  • Establishing absentee voter counting and receiving boards (MCL 168.792a & 168.679a)
  • Appointing election inspectors (MCL 168.674)
  • Designating the chairpersons of the election inspectors (MCL 168.674)


Meetings are open to the public. However, the Election Commission does not hold regularly schedule meetings, but instead calls several special meetings in the time leading up to an election.