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Canton Dog Park Updates:

Canton Dog Park Update As of October 17, 2023:

Please be advised that the Canton Dog Park water has been shut off and winterized for the season. Moving forward, please remember to bring water and a bowl for ONLY your own dog when visiting the dog park. As always, no glass bowls or glass containers of any kind are permitted in the dog park. Every year, Canton Parks staff prepare for the cold weather by shutting off water service before the first hard freeze to prevent costly damage to pipes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For additional information, please call the Canton Parks Office at 734/394-5310.

2024 Dog Park Membership Registration Reminder

  • In an effort to mitigate Kennel Cough outbreaks at the Canton Dog Park, Bordetella Vaccines will remain a requirement for all 2024 Canton Dog Park memberships. New and returning Canton Dog Park members will be required to provide current proof of Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper), and Bordetella vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian to complete their membership. The Bordetella vaccination may either be administered by the owner or a licensed veterinarian.   
  • As a reminder, Canton Dog Park members will no longer receive metal dog tags and therefore are no longer required to display any membership tag on their dog(s) collar.  

Important Dog Park Information

  •  Location:  The Canton Dog Park is located off Denton Road, north of Cherry Hill Road and across from Fire Station #3. 
  • Please be advised that the Canton Dog Park will be closing every Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 a.m. for weekly maintenance. For additional dog park information, contact the Canton Park Office at 734/394-5310.

Canton Dog Park COVID-19 Update

With the current COVID-19 climate, members are asked to act responsibly and to adhere to the following guidelines when visiting the dog park:

  • Please use the park at your own risk
  • Keep at least a 6-foot distance from others
  • Keep groups of people small (please spread out as much as possible)
  • Do sanitize hands before, during, and after using the park
  • Please be extra cautious of coming into contact with surfaces (gates,  etc…)
  • No water is available on-site, so remember to bring your own
  • Avoid petting other people’s dogs
  • Please remain vigilant about cleaning up after your dog
    Please stay home if you are sick or present with any COVID-19 symptoms

Thank you for continuing to make the Canton Dog Park a safe and pleasant place for everyone who visits. Please email with any questions or concerns.

Previous Important Updates

Taking into consideration feedback brought to our attention in past months, several improvements have been planned for the park in 2020.  As part of the site improvement plan, the Large Dog section has been divided into two sections with the addition of fencing and a new section access gate. This restructuring has enabled Park staff to rotate these sections in an effort to mitigate the damage caused by large dogs due to their size and physicality of play in these high-use areas, as well as to allow for turf protection and restoration. Please visit the Canton Dog Park Facebook page or keep checking back here for all Dog Park updates.

In addition to the reconfiguration of the large dog area, other site improvements and new rules will be implemented in 2020, including:

  • The addition of three new water fountains that will result in one dedicated water source located in each dog section. 
  • Additional waste stations will be installed to allow for proper disposal of fecal droppings.
  • Fence and gate repairs are expected to be completed by the end of the year; weather permitting.
  • The Dog Park will now be closed every Wednesday from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. to allow for weekly maintenance.
  • To help eliminate the spread for illness and diseases, no shallow water pools will be allowed in the Dog Park.
  • All members will be responsible for filling holes created by their pets.  Buckets of sandy-top soil and scoops will be available in each section to facilitate addressing these lawn repairs.

Dog Park members are reminded to review the Park Rules and Regulations located below , to remain up-to-date on how to best use the park and make the most of your visits. For the safety of all, members are asked to please respect and abide by all rules, since this is a self-regulated community Dog Park.

About the ParkDog Park Logo

The Canton Dog Park located on Denton Road, just north of Cherry Hill, is currently available to Dog Park members year-round weather permitting.

The Park has six-acres of fenced-in, outdoor space for dogs to run and play off-leash, with specific rules to help insure a safe and positive experience for everyone. The park is divided into a large dog section for animals over 20 pounds, and small dog section for animals under 20 pounds. Owners are reminded to be vigilant when at the dog park, actively watching their dogs at all times.

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Dog Park Reminders

The mission of the Canton Dog Park is to provide a safe, fenced-in environment where dog owners can let their dogs run and play off-leash. Dog Park members are required to abide by the rules posted at the entrance gate in order to maintain the safety and well-being of all dog park users. Please note the following reminders:

  • Dog owners must clean up after their dog(s) and dispose of waste properly.
  • Dog owners must be in control of their dog(s) at all time and are asked to monitor and correct their dog's aggressive behavior. If your dog is displaying aggressive behavior, please remove them from the area immediately.
  • Dog Park members must use their own key fob to enter the park. Members should not swipe in other individuals nor open the gate to provide access to other members. Please remember that only registered Dog Park members are allowed inside the park.

Thank you to everyone for being the "eyes and ears" of the Dog Park and for reporting any issues or concerns to the Canton Park Office at 394-5310.