Canton Road Construction update

All Canton Road Improvement Projects are funded by a road millage passed in 2018. Canton began repairs to the roads in our community in 2019 using the funding from the approved Road Millage. The intent of the Canton Road Improvement Program is to provide flexibility year-to-year to match revenues from the millage to the prioritize projects. To view a list of completed millage projects, click here

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Canton Road Improvement Projects

2024 Primary Roads:

  • Sheldon Road -  Drainage repairs, possible storm rehab as well as base repairs and resurfacing from Michigan Avenue to Canton boarder. 
  • Stonegate
  • Savannah Pointe
  • Canton Country Acres
  • North Woods Place
  • Meadowbrook Subdivision
  • Parkview Estates Phase 2
  • 5th Brookside
  • Riverwoods Subdivision
  • Central Park South
  • Cherry Knoll
  • Villa Maria
  • Central Park II
  • Stratford Park
  • Poplar Ridge
  • Fairways West
  • Windsor Park
  • Willow Homes
  • Central Park #1
  • Sunflower Village
  • Pickwick Village

What About the Potholes?

Funds generated from the road millage will not be going toward routine County or State maintenance activities (i.e. the filling of potholes, snowplowing, etc.). That work will continue to be done by Wayne County. The millage funds will be used for very specific capital projects.

2024 Wayne County Projects:

PLEASE NOTE:  Any and all information will be published as soon as the County makes it available. These projects are subject to change and all questions should be directed to Wayne County by calling 313/224-7600.

  • TBD

2024 MDOT Projects:

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